Thursday, August 07, 2008

Size Does Matter

One of the problems with having a baby that weighs only 6lbs (at 2 weeks old) is that none of her clothes fit. At all. She looks so silly in just about everything we have (except for 2 kimono shirts), including all the soakers I knit for her that I thought were going to be "too small". She would fit into preemie clothes, but at ~$30 for a single preemie outfit... Everything she has is huge on her teeny little body. Except for one thing.

FunSize First made and gave me a cute little pair of baby socks for her, and tonight I was finally able to get them on her wiggly feet. Surprisingly (or maybe not so much) it was infinitely easier to get the socks on her feet than it was to actually take pictures of said socks on her feet.

These socks are the only thing we have for her that fit perfectly. And they are so cute!!

So thank you, funsize for gifting something we can use now. :o)


beautifully complicated said...

How precious!

funsize said...

I'm so glad they fit! I had a little squee moment when I saw the picture...she's a little doll!

BeanMama said...

She's so beautiful!! My daughter was 6 lbs 8 oz when she was born, and she wore preemie sizes for the first several months. But the only thing I actually bought in preemie was a pair of pajamas at The Children's Place and cloth diapers. Cause the newborn size came up to her neck, LOL!

Congratulations to you, you must be over the moon with love!