Friday, September 21, 2007

Lime & Violet: The Daily Chum

So I know you guys have heard of Lime & Violet, right? They have an awesome shop full of sock yarns and rovings, and have a buch of cool podcasts out there. Not to mention the Daily Chum.
Well, guess who's Etsy shop was featured today on their Etsy Shop of the Day! If you guessed it was me at Jupyter Designs, you my friend, would be correct.

I'm so thrilled and excited! :o)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Losing Interest

I have been somewhat neglecting my knitting lately. I am still working on my lace scarf with a center pattern from Victorian Lace today, and it is pretty slow going. The middle section of the scarf is just faggotting stitch, which is pretty easy and nice to run throguh. However, picking up adn doing the edging is pretty painful for some reason. I have only done about 4 repeats of the edging, but I am so ready for it to be over! I'm ready to take a huge break from this project, and that idea pains me.
What's more is that the Weekend Pullover that I am working on to keep from getting repetative stress from the fine lace is not exciting me much either. It requires a lot of thought and attention, especially since I am substituting the yarn with good stitch gauge, but not so accurate row gauge. So I can't follow the rows in the pattern perfectly, and instead have to take notes on when I do what so that I can do it on the front. Yes, this one I decided to do flat.
I keep thinking of other things I want to knit and what I want to start and get going. And instead, I look at my two projects and not even touch them.
What is wrong with me!?!?!
What's the vote? Should I start some short quick things for a little while, or should i suck it up and pump these out?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lazy Belly Dancer

I have been a tired, sad, little lazy bum for the past two or so weeks. First of all, for an entire 12 week rotation I had only been showing up to one of the two classes I take at the studio. SAD. That means my body is falling more and more out of shape (I have gained weight!!!) and when I do make it to that one class I am sluggish and.. pathetic. For the last few weeks I have been spotty on showing up to that one class I do take. Way to stay in shape, Kiwi!
Determined not to slide out of dancing completely, I decided no matter what, no excuses, I am going to class tonight. Holy crap! It was such a workout. I was soaking in sweat, and where I usually only drink half of my bottle of water in one 1hr 15 min class, I had consumed almost the entire bottle by the end of the first 45 minutes. Whew!
It's also pretty cool to walk into class and see the instructor walking on Margaret Cho's back to help loosen her up. Yeah, THAT Margaret Cho. This is not the first time I have seen her in the studio. The only other time was when I walked in at the end of a weeklong workshop that she was taking, where I was going in for my level 1 certification. I was such a belly dance "baby" that I was way too stressed out trying to do some last minute studying/freaking out before taking the test to be star struck over her. And is it funny that when she was laying face down on the floor I recognized it was her by her tattoos? heh.
She's a good dancer and blended right in to the class. And either nobody else realized who she was or they were good at keeping it to themselves since she was left alone that whole time to dance just liekt he rest of us.
I think that tops my adventures for the week.

..or month.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Lace and Such

Lately I have been putting along working on the lace scarf that I posted about last time. I have found however that if I trying working on it for too long my hands start to cramp up and it becomes quite irritating. Thus, in order to not create some long lasting and quite damaging repetative stress syndrome in my hands, I have begun knitting a second project at the same time. This way, I can knit the lace when my hands are feeling up to it, and when I can't knit on such fine yarn, I can work on my larger project to give my hands a break.

I am learning a lot from the lace project, and even though it is a really simple pattern, it is showing me exactly where my tensions change and where I need to work on perfecting it.

The second project I am working on is the Weekend Pullover from Interweave Knits Fall 2006 (interestingly, I just noticed, the same issue in which the gatsby Girl Pullover was published). I have substituted the yarn with Karabella Breeze which I have been looking forward to using for a long time. My sweater is not going to be as thick or warm as the one in the magazine, but instead it will be a light and cool sweater. I am also going to have be editing the pattern along the way since I got my stitch gauge spot on, yet my row gauge I am off by a bit. This is also certainly a pattern that I have to pay attention to. I am sure that by the time I get to the arm holes of the back I'll have it down ..for the most part.

Maybe by the time winter comes around I'll be ready to stock up my wardrobe for the summer....